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Edition 9


Edition 9 is revered as the go-to guide for planting trees into urban landscapes and is the 9th edition of the ‘Urban Tree Planting Design Guide’, produced by GreenBlue Urban for the past decade. The book covers principles and best practice to tree planting, GreenBlue’s ethos, entire product offering, case studies, research and data sheets, all tied into one 288 page hardback book.

In order to break this book down into a useful and easy to navigate book for students, architects, landscape architects and engineers, a series of 10 tabs were used, each with a unique colour, guiding the user from introduction through to index.

GreenBlue’s biggest selling product, RootSpace, is a soil cell for tree pit systems and as such cannot be seen once installed. To provide clarity over product groupings and their uses, the products inside the book were broken down into two groups – above and below ground – with corresponding renders and page numbers. These were produced in Cinema 4D with provided product models, whilst the overall book was produced inside InDesign.

In total 3,000 copies went to print and are to be distributed across both the UK, Europe and Northern America.