BlazePress – A blog about some of the internet’s biggest trending stories that currently receives around half a million visits a month.

LinxSupply – An online store that sells posters and printed clothed items. I designed a series called Color Levels which you can see here.

UltraLinx Store – An online store that I currently help manage and assist in product photography for.

Videography – In the past i’ve worked with music artists to produce music videos as well as capturing events and even trying my hand at short documentaries.

Animation – I also enjoy animation and CGI. Here’s an example of a digital matte painting as well as a video produced for BlazePress on “Famous Company Logo’s With Hidden Messages.

Photography – I also pursue my passion for photography and regularly share my best photos on Instagram whilst also uploading some photos Unsplash.

To see some of my best video work, checkout my showreel below!

Also, here’s my Motion Graphics showreel, but it’s still work in progress!